The Birth of Monbazillac

Naissance du MonbazillacThe region of Monbazillac began to be cultivated from around 1080 by the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Martin.

In the Middle Ages the vines were planted on the hillside to the north of the town of Bergerac. The Hundred Years War having devastated these plots, the notables of the town decided to colonise the southern slopes: the 4th September 1495 brought with it the creation of ‘La Vinee Sud’, distant ancestor of the AOC Monbazillac.

Very quickly, the local white wines become increasingly popular in France and then in Europe. The Reform of the Edict of Nantes (1685) further augmented the phenomenon: the protestants from Bergerac sought refuge in the Netherlands, then the epicentre of international commerce.

And of course they disseminated the wines of their homeland.