The liquoreux 2001

A vintage of your dreams. Can a grower see two vintages of this quality in his life? In any event everything happened as it should in the text books with just enough moisture and bright sunshine and as a result, perfect grapes.

Cuvée Madame 2001  

What can one say? Probably a monument.

‘The finale, which endures far beyond a minute, carries with it crystallised oranges, citrus fruits, quince and figs with spicy notes. Such an explosion of flavours illustrates marvellously the expression ‘as proud as a peacock displaying its spendid plumage’ This Monbazillac is incontestably an exceptional dessert wine, arguably one of the greatest. This vintage of Cuvee Madame Chateau Tirecul La Graviere places it amongst the world’s elite of dessert wines’. Elite Wine.

‘Admirable vinification and aging that ought to be replicated in Sauternes'. Revue du Vin de France.

Château Tirecul La Gravière 2001 :

Le Chateau Tirecul La Graviere 2001 should be seen as a reference.

‘A splendour: extraordinary richness in sweetness, unprecedented length and arguably the greatest Monbazillac that we have ever tasted’ . Revue du Vin de France.